A fill-as-you-go workbook designed to guide and review your efforts in lifestyle and business. Start planning for what comes next with clear intentions and a positive mindset.


Our Impactful Business Guidebook is the tool you need to review your year, set clear goals, find long-term solutions to recurring problems, and understand whether or not your dreams align with your current lifestyle.


Looking for new ways to rock your goals and set clear intentions as you continue to share your message? 


With this workbook, you’ll uncover new information that will let you...

  • Set clear business and personal goals,
  • Get clear on your message and intentions,
  • Find better solutions to recurring problems,
  • Brainstorm new and exciting ideas for personal and professional growth that are in line with your core beliefs and values,
  • And understand whether or not your dreams align with your current lifestyle

Through a series of questions, exercises, and writing prompts, this workbook will guide you on a path of self-reflection and growth that will help you find your footing in order to take positive action in business, social advocacy, and self-care.

Work through the lessons of the past year and get ready to create a more intentional today with our Impactful Business Guidebook! 

Life and business sometimes gets to be a lot...


From dismantling oppressive systems, patriarchal standards, and white supremacy to...

  • Changes in our everyday
  • Postponed plans,
  • A sudden change in work-life priorities,
  • And uncertainty in all aspects that made us question what steps we wanted to take next…

It’s as if life and business just don’t stop, taking away the quiet moments of contemplation where we could re-align our priorities and recharge after putting in the work. 


However, we believe that businesses have the power to create change for the better.

You and your business have the power to make that change and to create impact!


Oriana Fowler

Vacation & Wedding Photographer | South Carolina, USA

"Before working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio, I struggled with knowing what to share on social media... so I was never consistent. TQP Studio's approach & strategy to content and copy gave me a holistic push and forward momentum in my business overall!."

It’s all about putting things into perspective and identifying the key elements in your business to help you achieve YOUR vision of success as you continue to spread your message.


Whether that means...

  • A steady flow of new clients,
  • More complex projects to tackle,
  • Hiring a bigger team to help manage daily tasks,
  • Being more present in your advocacy journey,
  • Or a strong community of supporters who continuously believe in what you do.

With that in mind, ask yourself:

  • How does my lifestyle fit into what I do for work (and vice-versa)?
  • How can I implement my core values into my business so both are better aligned?
  • How do my goals reflect on the chances I take and the opportunities I accept?
  • How can my business impact my community in a positive way?
  • How can I make sure all of these answers are aligned to one another?

Changing course is always possible!


But before setting goals for the future, it’s always important to...

  • Reflect on where you’ve been and what you’d like to do differently
  • Carry out a self-audit and take stock of your feelings and emotions in business, advocacy, and lifestyle
  • Set clear intentions - whether personal or professional - and the steps you must follow in order to achieve them
  •  Check-in with yourself, your dream lifestyle, your core values, and your business in a context that’s far-removed from oppressive systems and societal expectations

Looking for ways to take the next step?

Check out what other badass business owners have to say about setting clear intentions from the get-go through self-reflection!


The Impactful Business Guidebook includes a collection of questions, exercises, and writing prompts that’ll help you dig deeper and reconnect with the “WHY?” behind your business.


Put pen to paper as you...

  • Redirect your energy through positive thinking and visualization,
  • Review past failures and work through the emotional toll of each one,
  • Understand recurring mistakes and what you can to do  improve them,
  • And celebrate the accomplishments - big and small - that keep you motivated and pushing forward to creating more income, influence, and impact with your business and within your community! 
The 50-page Impactful Business Guidebook will walk you through all this with actionable steps to help you plan, organize, and execute a well-thought-out business strategy for next year that aligns with the lifestyle you dream of, the values you hold closest to your heart, and the impact you desire to create!

Susan Padron

Intuitive Personal Stylist | New Jersey, USA

"I brought in more clients & had a closer connection with my audience with their content strategies!
Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio are seriously fantastic! They give me the little nudge that I need to keep pushing myself forward and out of my comfort zone, so that my business can grow!"

Are you ready to...

  • Set clear business goals and intentions, and take action with purpose?
  • Ask yourself all the right questions when it comes to your current and future content strategy?
  • Come up with a marketing plan that’ll help you connect with more potential clients?
  • Share your message across various channels and continue putting in the work for the causes you believe in?
  • Find the best steps to continuously grow your brand and impact?
  • Reflect on how your work-life affects your personal life, and what you can do to make sure they’re aligned?
  • And so much more?!

More Results from VIPiñas (our past clients)

The Quirky Pineapple Studio is a brand strategy & copywriting studio for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Feminist-run brands and businesses, who want to connect with their community through story and content. 


We help you share your message and get visible through content, so you not only use your business to dismantle systems of oppression, you’re giving back to your community to do the same.