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Brand strategy, copywriting, and content marketing resources designed to help you use your voice and share your fierce factor with the world!

Hey, you! We understand the struggle...


As a mission-driven brand and business, you’re constantly juggling marketing, clients, business, and more marketing. Not just that, you’re trying to smash the patriarchy, dismantle white supremacy, and make a better, more accessible, and inclusive world. We get it…it’s a lot. 

Your big mission is starting to look a lot more like just going through the motions, and we all know how that can go...

This lack of balance means you could be

  • Scrambling to figure out what content to post next, when to post it, and how it will resonate with your audience
  • Making big plans and big ideas that usually fall through the cracks or lay forgotten between the pages of a journal, tucked away inside a drawer
  • Struggling to find the right words to tell your story in a way that is both heartfelt and impactful
  • Lacking the time - and, let’s be honest, patience - to write impactful copy that will get your audience excited about your business or mission
  • Losing potential clients half-way through the sales funnel due to lack of organization, planning, and structure
  • ...and that’s just the beginning!

We want none of that for you. 


Shoosh it away!


We want to make brand strategy, copywriting, and content marketing EASIER for you, so you can bring up your community, dismantle systems of oppression, and honestly… have FUN with content!

Susan Padron

Intuitive Personal Stylist | New Jersey, USA

"I brought in more clients & had a closer connection with my audience with their content strategies!
Cassandra and The Quirky Pineapple Studio are seriously fantastic! They give me the little nudge that I need to keep pushing myself forward and out of my comfort zone, so that my business can grow!"



Well-aware of the struggles that mission-driven businesses, solopreneurs, and creatives run into along the way, we decided enough was enough. 

Wasted time? Not today! 

Doubling up on your efforts? No, thanks! 

Spending thousands upon thousands on techniques that don’t add up? Nah, we’ll pass!

Oh and the kicker…your value measured by output? NOPE. 

That’s why we've curated a toolbox jam-packed with all the essentials needed to...

  • Define and understand your brand voice,
  • Create a hassle-free holistic marketing strategy, 
  • Plan months of content ahead of time,
  • Attract your ideal clients and make more sales,
  • Write a strong website that still sounds like you,
  • and understand the importance of copy + content without recurring to manipulative tactics!

From templates to ebooks, masterclasses, prompts, and checklists - we’ve done the hard work for you. 


Now, it’s go-time!


Oriana Fowler

Vacation & Wedding Photographer | South Carolina, USA

"Before working with The Quirky Pineapple Studio, I struggled with knowing what to share on social media... so I was never consistent. TQP Studio's approach & strategy to content and copy gave me a holistic push and forward momentum in my business overall!."


Most people ask us: “Why the Quirky Pineapple?” 

Let us explain… 

The pineapple is the universal sign of hospitality, representing kindness, openness, and being welcome to everyone who arrives and needs a place to stay. We want to create the same experience for our community and clients, no matter who they are, how they identify, or their upbringing. This community is an international and global one, with businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and creatives spanning around the world.

We take into account your culture, background, nationality, and more when creating our resources for copy and content. 


Now if you really get to know us - we’re pretty quirky.

Copy & content is what we do… but we’re fun, too:

We are a multicultural and fully remote team, speaking 2+ languages each, and have traveled to more than 30 countries combined.

Working with us? You’ll get a dash of quirky, sassy, cultural awareness, feminism, and an international lens from our copy & content.

We LOVE content. Ask us if we’ve experimented with any type of content, our answer is probably yes… we’ve probably tried it!



We are committed to speaking up - loudly and clearly - for what we believe in and the values we stand for. 


If you rock with our core values, we rock with you, too:

  • Creating diverse communities. Brave places for people who come from different walks of life, experiences and backgrounds to come together, learn, and share.

  • Leading in excellence. A standard of excellence in all the work we do, any programs we create, and what the Studio carries out. We want to set the bar.

  • Taking bold action. Not playing small in our accomplishments, achievements, and in our message. We will take bold action - even if it is scary.

  • Engaging in honest communication. Open, honest dialogue even if they are awkward or difficult.

  • Committing to efficient practices. Awareness of time, priorities, and opportunities. Efficiency to make everything flow much easier.

Theresa Baretta

Operations Coachsultant | Alberta, Canada 

"When I started working with Cassandra I was a bit nervous on handing off my content creation (specially for blog posts and newsletters), but she brought my thoughts to words and improved my consistency in showing up to my audience. I was able to let go and keep focused on building my business and other tasks that filled me with joy! "

Among those core values, we also believe in:


🍍 Black Lives Matter

🍍 Anti-racism work is a lifelong journey

🍍 Intersectional feminism FTW - if it’s not intersectional, it’s not feminism

🍍 No human is illegal

🍍 Equal rights for Queer, LGBTQIA+, & non-gender binary folx

🍍 Accessibility for ALL

🍍 Honoring & giving back the Indigenous lands we live on

🍍 Community care & protection instead of authoritative action

🍍 Sustainability and co-creation


Get the copy & content resources to help you share your message and connect with your community, so you can grow your business, dismantle systems of oppression, and start a revolution!


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