The Converting Content Bundle


A toolbox to help you scale their impact, build upon meaningful connections, and create a profitable business through story and content. 

This bundle provides you with the foundation to plan, organize, and execute a holistic content marketing strategy that will help you get visible as you generate and continue to spread awareness about the issues that matter to you - and your community - the most!

The Heartfelt Copywriting Bundle


A comprehensive resource to help you showcase your personality and message through genuine and powerful website copy that converts.

This bundle includes a checklist for each page of your website, a guide on how to plan and write website copy, and tons of ideas on how to ensure your personality shines through, without taking away from the power behind your message.

The Impactful Business Guidebook


A reflective workbook to help you review your efforts in lifestyle and business, and to start planning for what comes next.

Use this 50+ page workbook to dive into setting intentions for your lifestyle and creating a business that supports that. We've pulled together strategic and reflective questions we use with our clients to help them design a brand, business, and lifestyle they feel supported and joyful in!

Community- Driven Marketing Course


A crash course in community-driven marketing designed to help BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folx, and feminist brands and business owners grow their business through community-building, authentic connection, and content.

This collection of tools and resources includes extensive video content and presentations that’ll help guide you in the process of building your own content marketing strategy through organic, community-focused techniques, and will help you learn the foundations to build an intersectional and global community of supporters and clients around your brand.

Global Online Business Starter Pack


An educational starter kit to help impactful entrepreneurs start their own online business, grow it globally, and find the confidence to start marketing and selling their services!

This self-paced course is brimming with information and resources - from backend systems and processes to frontend marketing tips - that’ll help you build a strong foundation to develop a location-independent business with clients and supporters from all around the world.  

Business Without The Buts Membership


A membership co-hosted by a sassy introverted-extroverted copywriting duo (our founder Cassandra, and Monica Schrock, of Unsocially Inclined), for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small-business owners who want to create a more ethical economy through conversations about challenging the status quo, marketing with less manipulation, and creating action for more inclusive businesses.

1:1 Copy & Content Services


For businesses and brands who want to hand over their copy and/or content.

Let’s share your story and message, together, with our personalized packages to help you get visible! We offer brand strategy, copywriting, and content creation services to help you connect with your community.

Merch Store


Join the Pineappler community with exclusive Quirky Merch! 🍍 We’ve created 3 unique designs alongside our original logos for you to rock. 

You can purchase designs like “Own Your Voice”, “Raise Your Voice”, and “Fierce Diva”, as well as, our logo to show off your VIPiña status. Merch items include hoodies, crewnecks, T-shirts, tote bags, stickers, and mugs.

Branding Quickies Book: A Collection from 20 Women Killing it in the Branding Game


A collection written by 20 stand-out personal brands killing it in the branding game. Filled with diverse wisdom and authentic insight meant to inspire and teach other makers and entrepreneurs. This curation features brands, their experience, honest journey, and advice for other thinkers in this creative space. Get strategic tips, inspiring stories, and branding advice from these 20 contributors.